How can I view my Cable Modem's Signal Levels, Firmware
Version & Log Entries?

Most cable modems have built-in diagnostics for getting information on the quality of the cable signal coming to the modem. The procedures for accessing these diagnostics vary depending on the brand and model of cable modem you have. If the information below won't get you to these diagnostics, please contact the manufacturer of your cable modem (be it leased or owned). A few modems may have this information in the manual that they came with. For some cable modems, you can access these diagnostics even if the cable modem hasn't obtained block sync.

1) Try this first: Open your browser and navigate to (or try holding SHIFT key and clicking the links). This is the most common method of accessing the diagnostics. You may need to navigate a bit from here to access the pertinent information.

•1.A) For an Ambit cable modem, you may be prompted for a username and password. The username is root and the password is also root. Some Ambit cable modems have the information you are after on more than one web page.

•1.B) For an ARRIS Touchstone TM502G CDV Modem, you will navigate to to view the diagnostics.

•1.C) For a Motorola SBV5220, go to The username is admin and the password is motorola.

•1.D) For a RCA cable modem, you may need to navigate to to view the diagnostics.

•1.E) For a Scientific Atlanta modem, go to The username is admin and the password is w2402

•1.F) For an SMC8013 gateway, (Business customers) go to The username is cusadmin and the password is highspeed

•1.G) For a Terayon TJ615, navigate to and type icu4at! at the password prompt (or copy paste it from here). To see the signals go to If you cannot access the status page at (main menu) reboot the cable modem, wait for it to synch and then try. The reboot may be necessary due to the fact that the status page was an afterthought

•1.H) For a Terayon TJ715, navigate to to view the diagnostics. The password is icu4at!

•1.I) For a 3Com cable modem, you may need to navigate to http://3comcablemodem.com or to view the diagnostics. A note about 3Com cable modems: they are notorious for reporting erroneous information, and sifting out the values you will be interested in will be difficult at best. Also, some 3Com modems will prompt you for a username and password, which are User and Password respectively.

2) If none of the above methods work, or if your cable modem does not have block sync, you may need to 'force' a connection directly to the modem. This is done by:
  • 2.A) Set the IP of your ethernet connection to

  • 2.B) Set the Subnet Mask of your ethernet connection to

  • 2.C) Leave the Default Gateway and DNS Servers blank.

  • 2.D) Reboot your PC.

  • 2.E) Repeat step 1) above, as necessary.

  • 2.F) IMPORTANT! Be sure to set your ethernet connection back to DHCP (Obtain IP and DNS automatically) and reboot when you are done checking the diagnostics or you won't be able to access the internet!




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